4 Months

22 lbs

Fenced yard required

Four-month-old Blue has had a lot thrown at him in his short little life, but he has proven to be resilient and come out of the challenges with a sweet personality and a true love for people. Blue is a Velcro dog and desires to be next to his person at all times, or at least have them within view. He loves playing in the yard (fetch is a favorite), but he can get easily startled by loud or unexpected noises, which causes him to bolt to his foster mom or the porch. A fence is required in order to keep him safe and still allow him to have fun outside. Having another easy going and playful dog would be very helpful as well.

Blue's foster mom has been working with him on all the typical puppy challenges. He is mostly potty trained, but still might have an accident. At night, he has learned to sleep in a crate. Supervision is still needed to prevent chewing. Blue is learning some commands, so it would be great if his future family can continue to teach him new things.

Blue can be bit unsure when meeting new people. But once he gets to know you, he will be all yours! He loves all people, young and old, and he gets along really well with other dogs and even cats. He loves to snuggle and get love and belly rubs. 

Blue is looking for a forever home to provide him with the love and security that he has just learned is even possible.

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