4 Months

20 lbs

Fenced yard required

Despite having a bumpy start to life just four months ago, little Leo is completely embracing his newfound puppy lifestyle. He loves running and playing with other dogs and with people. He also loves to explore the yard and discover all the news things that are out there for him to find. 

Leo, like most puppies, still requires a lot of supervision to prevent him from chewing or getting into things he shouldn't. Fortunately, he enjoys learning new things, and his foster family is even teaching him some commands, like come and sit. Leo is also mostly potty trained, with only an occasional accident, and he has been trained to sleep in his crate at night. 

This happy, spunky boy loves cuddles and belly rubs, and is not at all shy around anyone he meets, including adults, kids, and even cats. Leo's zest for life is a great fit for just about any family.

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