9 Years

77 lbs

Fenced yard required

Introducing the dynamic collie duo of Lucy and Ethel. These lovely ladies came to CRGI after the passing of their owner and are now looking to live out their senior years together in their forever home.

Lucy and Ethel are well behaved and very affectionate. Ethel, in particular, will bark if she doesn't get petted, and they both are always near their foster mom. Like their eponymous predecessors, they do not like the word "no," and could use a little training to learn some manners. They are not fans of riding in the car and have a hard time settling down. Lucy is able to get into the car on her own, Ethel needs some assistance. The ladies also need to learn how to walk on a leash without zigging and zagging all around. 

When it comes to being left alone, they can be trusted. They aren't regularly crated in their foster home, but at the groomer, Lucy was not a fan of the crate, Ethel was okay with it. At night, Lucy sleeps on the floor of her foster mom's room, while Ethel sleeps downstairs, most likely because she can't (or won't) do stairs.

These sweet ladies love being around people, and would do well in just about any home. They also get along with all of the animals in their foster home (dog, cats, and rabbits). The perfect home for Lucy and Ethel is full of love and willing to invest a little time in training to help them ease into their senior years.

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