11 Months

54 lbs, Fenced yard required
Fostered in Northern IN

Hi, I’m Lizzie and I’m looking for an adventure buddy!

I’d never had any adventures until recently, but I really like them. I used to live outside with my parents, brothers, and sisters, but one day some nice people came and took some of us on a long, long ride to a place called Illinois where I got to meet some more nice people who gave me a bath so I could tell which parts of me are supposed to be white and which parts are actually black. Now that I’m clean, people are always telling me how pretty and fluffy I am, and I love the attention. It was nice there, but kind of boring because I had no one to play with and I really like to play, but then my foster family came and got me and now I have brothers and a sister to play with again and that made me so happy I almost wiggled myself silly!

I get to live in a house, and I love it! I’ve been exploring every nook and cranny. because it’s all new to me. I enjoy chewing on things so they gave me antlers and a buffalo horn and I like them a lot. They say I’m really smart because when my foster mama says things like, “Lizzie sit. Lizzie down. Lizzie come.” I know what to do. She is even teaching me to “roll over” and it’s so fun. I want to learn more things so I can have treats and kisses when I show how good I am. In my foster home, I get to sleep on a nice bed in a crate of my very own. I love it when my foster parents and other people give me pets and belly and booty scratches. I give them kisses to say, “I love you.” I even get to go out and play in the snow and go for long walks. Life is so full of adventures now!

My foster mama thinks I could go far if I find a forever home willing to help me keep learning. She thinks I would love to try something called agility because I’m so good at climbing on things and I’m very brave. Or, I could be a therapy dog when I grow up a little more because I love people. Or, I could just learn to be a very good girl who loves to play with her family.

Would you like to take me on my next adventure?

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