1 Years

41 lbs 
Fenced yard required
Fostered in Northern Indiana

Piper is a one-year-old girl that is coming out of her shell more and more each day. Full of sweetness and curiosity, this little girl is bit timid and approaches everything with caution. Piper likes to observe everything going on around her before joining in, but she is slowly making progress with her socialization.

Piper wants to be part of the action; she just doesn’t always know how to join in. She will circle around until she feels brave, and then she’ll jump on the couch or plop down on the floor. Piper doesn’t often seek out attention, but when she jumps up on the couch next to you, she soaks up the love and enjoys being petted, and she won’t get up until you move first. Piper will need a family that can be very patient with her and take the time to earn her trust. Piper will do best with another dog in the house.

This sweet pup is her happiest when she is outside. Piper loves to prance around the yard and investigate all the smells and nose around under sticks and leaves. One of her favorite things to do is run around with a toy in her mouth and try to get the resident dogs to chase her. If she can’t convince anyone to play, she will toss the toy around and entertain herself. Piper doesn’t bark when she is in the yard, but loud noises do scare her and her first reaction is to run in the opposite direction, so having a fence to ensure that she doesn’t bolt out of the yard is imperative to her safety.

Piper has shown a lot of progress since arriving at her foster home. She quickly learned how to go up stairs, and with a little coaxing (and her foster mom getting tired of carrying her) she learned to go down. She is good about jumping in the car and rides well. She just doesn’t always like to get out on her own. When she arrived, she didn’t know what a treat was, but she slowly started to realize how delicious they are and started to take one if it was placed in front of her, and then a couple days later decided it was safe to accept it from her foster mom’s hand. Piper will need some help with learning commands as she starts to get more comfortable with her environment. 

When it comes to her ideal forever home, patience is the biggest requirement for Piper’s future family. A calm environment would also help her feel comfortable, so older kids who understand how she feels and how to approach and respond to her would be best. Piper gets along well with other dogs and enjoys playing with them. She will do best with another dog in the house. She would fit in well with younger dogs, but she might be a bit much for older dogs. No matter where she ends up, Piper is sure to be a loyal, fun, and endearing companion.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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