1 Years

60 lbs

Fostered in Southern WI
Fenced yard required

Meet Bowie, an 1-year-old boy who is full of life and energy.  

Bowie is a smart boy and a quick learner. He is very treat motivated and is therefore pretty easy to train. He is quick to learn new commands and already knows sit, stay, and come. He will even ring a bell to go outside! Not only does he let you know when it’s time to go out, he will also let you know when it’s dinner time. Foodie that he is, he likes his meals served in a timely manner, but he’s a good boy and will politely sit and wait. At bed time, he goes to his bed and is trustworthy during the night. Just make sure you put your socks away. 
Bowie is a sweet, young boy that's lacking confidence. His ideal forever home would be one that will take him to training and work with him on confidence building activities. A family that will provide structure, consistency and appropriate training is what he needs. Bowie is a Velcro dog; he loves to be talked to and cuddled with. He has quickly bonded with his foster mom. 

Bowie plays well with other dogs but can be too much for them. He’s protective over food and some toys while other dogs are around. For this reason, he would do best as the only dog in the house. No resource guarding at all with humans.
Bowie doesn’t like loud or unexpected sounds. He gets startled easily but with time and patience, he will get used to new sounds and experiences. Bowie has developed a fear of tall men. His ideal forever home would be a family that will be patient in developing a relationship with him.

If you’re looking for a sweet, smart, best pal and companion who will remind you why it’s necessary to put your socks away, young Bowie is just the pup for you.

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