1 Years

61 lbs 

Fostered in Illinois
Fenced yard desirable

Bruce is a one year old ray of sunshine and ball of energy that is looking for a best buddy or many buddies to hang out with. He absolutely loves being around people and soaks up any attention he can get.  He is good with kids, but would probably be best with children 10 and up due to his size and energy level. 

Bruce is always looking for something to do. It’s fun to watch him run around the yard looking for sticks, and then try to get people or dogs to chase him. When his foster parents are working in the yard or just doing ordinary tasks around the house, he is always nearby watching intently, willing to lend a paw. 

Bruce was an outside dog for most of his life, but adapting to inside life was a breeze. He has never had an accident inside, and quickly does his business outside and then will come in when called. He knows some commands like sit, crate, time to eat, but he will need some assistance with manners. He believes he should be a couch collie, and is quite insistent on it. He shows no shame in quickly taking your seat on the couch as soon as you get up. He truly thinks he should be allowed on beds, but his foster parents have put their foot down when it comes to sleeping arrangements. They are also working on alternatives to the couch. He sleeps nicely in his crate, and will also eat there, but he will whine as soon as he thinks he should be let out. 

While Bruce is a great buddy, and you’d think he’d go everywhere with you, he does not like getting into cars. He’s OK once he is in, but if gets out and doesn’t know where he is, he can be stubborn about going to new places. He was very unapologetic about anchoring himself in front of the vet and refusing to go in, not even for a treat. 

Bruce loves other dogs and is always happy to play. He has more energy than the resident dogs and wants to play longer, so sometimes his foster parents need to intervene. His foster mom thinks that he is best suited for dogs closer to his age. Most of the time, Bruce is able to find things to do if the other dogs don’t want to play, or he will just decide to lay down and hang out. Toys are always a good way to keep him busy. He loves running around with soft toys, getting energy out by chewing on hard toys, and getting some mental stimulation with a snuffle mat. 

A fenced yard would be great for Bruce to allow him run and play safely.  

Bruce is a super special dog who absolutely needs a super special family to welcome him into their home. He would do really well in just about any situation, whether it’s a single person or a large family, he just really wants love and attention.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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