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We require anyone interested in adopting a Collie to fill out this adoption application.

We perform home visits with all adoptions. This makes it difficult for us to adopt dogs outside the Illinois area.

Adoption fees are $350 for adult dogs, $450 for puppies under one year, and $150 for dogs eight years and older. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Collie Rescue Of Greater Illinois (CRGI) is a local organization that mainly serves the northern portion of Illinois in the rescue and placement of both rough and smooth coated Collies. A small staff of unpaid volunteers supports CRGI in its mission. Because of the absolute need for a home visit for all potential Collie adopters and limited resources to execute this task the placement of Collies outside of our service area is handled on a case by case basis.

About You

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(*) Mandatory

Collie Info

Where did you hear about Collie Rescue?

Have you had a Collie before?
Have you had a dog before?
Is there a particular Collie you are interested in?
And Why?
Why have you chosen a collie?
What is your main interest in adopting a Collie?

Do you have a gender preference?

Do you have a color preference?

Do you have a coat preference?

What age Collie are you interested in?

Your Pets

Do you have one or more other dogs already?
For each, please tell us his age, sex, and if he is altered. Do you have one or more cats?
For each, please tell us his age, sex, and if he is altered. Please list the type, sex, and age of any other pets you have.

Your Home

Do you live in a ...

Does your residence have inside stairs the dog would have to navigate regularly?
Does your residence have stairs the dog would have to navigate to get in and out of the house?
Do you own or rent?
Are you allowed pets?
What is your landlord's name and phone number? Is there a weight limit?
If yes, what is it? Is there a limit on the number of pets?
If yes, what is it? How long have you been at this address? How many adults are in the household? Do you have children? What are their ages? Do you have a fully enclosed fenced-in yard or dog run?
If so, please describe the enclosure (type, height, all four sides, etc.) If not, would you be willing to install a fence or dog run?
If not, how will you exercise your Collie and allow him to eliminate? Where will the Collie be primarily kept?
Will the Collie be left outdoors unattended for long periods of time?
Will the Collie be left outdoors when you are gone from the house?
Will the Collie be left on a tieout or trolley unattended?
Please explain why if you have answered yes to any of the preceding questions.

Home Life

Do you have a good place for the Collie to stay when you are gone overnight or on vacation?
Approximately how many hours will the Collie be left alone per day? How many days per week? Is someone home during the day?
Where will the Collie be kept during the day? During the night? Are you familiar with the needs of the Collie breed?
How much grooming do you think a Collie needs? How much excercise do you think a Collie needs? Who will be responsible for the Collie's upkeep? Grooming? Feeding? Vet visits? Exercise? Are you interested in taking obedience classes?
Why? Are you prepared to assume the financial responsibilities of caring for an animal including inoculations, other veterinary care, good quality food, licensing, etc?
Are you familiar with the pet responsibility laws in your area?
Is anyone in your household allergic to animals?
How severely? ALL animals need some time to adjust to their new surrounding; especially when other animals are involved. Are you prepared to devote extra time and/or training in the beginning?
Until your pet is trained, the Collie may urinate or defecate in your home, and may chew household items. Are you willing to accept this?
If you are having housebreaking, or behavior problems with the Collie, would you consider obedience training and/or crate training?
When you need to discipline the Collie, how would you do it? What circumstances, in your mind, justifies getting rid of a dog?


When are you interested in getting a Collie?

Please provide your current or past vetanarian contact information. If none, enter n/a.

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Please add any comments that may help us in our decision.

Please add any comments about this on-line application process

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