8 years

Thor came to Collie Rescue after his owner sadly passed away. He’s a well behaved 8 year boy with a laid back personality. Thor is a rough collie but his coat had to be shaved as his previous owner was unable to care for him. It will all grow back in no time.

Thor has been adjusting well at his foster home. He is house trained and has not had one accident since his arrival at CRGI. Thor is good with dogs and is good with cats. Thor would do well with a calm canine friend or would be happy to be the only dog and enjoy all the attention! He likes to be with his people and will happily follow his foster mom and dad around the house and yard.  He  wants to be close for a back scratches and petting.  This boy likes to play with a toy once in a while and will bring a stuffed toy to you after you throw it.

Thor will sleep on his doggie bed but he LOVES to lounge on a couch and will happily jump on any couch at his foster home. His mom has a nick name for him: “Couch Boy!” It is obvious that Thor was used to this in his former home and it makes him feel happy and very comfortable. Thor enjoys short walks on a leash but needs some practice in mastering proper leash walking skills. He’s around 60 lbs and quite the strong boy. On his walks, Thor is doing much better when his foster mom started walking with him on a front clip harness.

Thor isn’t too active and will make only a few playful rounds on the back yard. While running happily he will occasionally get over excited.  A forever home without small children or people who don’t mind getting bumped in excitement would be a best fit for Thor. He also loves to lie down in the grass and observe the neighbors. His foster mom feels he would do best with a fenced yard as he would like to visit the neighbor's and their pets!

Thor has some arthritis in his back legs but that doesn’t stop him from jumping on a couch and going to half mile walks!

Thor is a vocal boy, quite typical for a collie. He will vocalize with excitement when his foster mom is getting ready for a walk, he’ll let his foster family know when he sees someone walking down the street or if he wants some attention. He will even bark with happiness while caring a stuffed toy in his mouth. His foster home thinks it’s quite funny! 

Thor is crate trained and when his foster mom goes to work, he will share his dissatisfaction. However, it is short lived and after just few minutes Thor calms down and stays there quietly.

Thor is a very sweet older gentleman who would love to find a family of his own and spend his remaining years being loved and sharing the love he has with his forever home. Could it be you?

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