3 years

Update 1/21/2018:
We are happy to report that Phoenix is done with his heartworm treatment and his last blood test shows that he is heartworm FREE!!! His foster family loves him very much and will be adopting him.
At two years old, Phoenix is a young and fun boy looking for a new friend or new family to continue to grow with.  He came to CRGI heartworm positive and has been undergoing his treatments.

Phoenix is smart and has quickly picked up on how to behave well at home.  He is good about going into his crate when asked, which is where he sleeps at night.  When he arrived, he had some housebreaking issues, but his foster dad reports that he is now doing extremely well!  While Phoenix is learning quickly, he just needs a little more help with basic commands so that he can be trusted to be alone outside of his crate.  For now, he needs to be in a fenced yard when off leash, but with some additional training, his foster dad thinks he will be able to go off leash anywhere.

Not only is Phoenix smart, but he knows how to have a good time.  He loves to play and loves people; he is very social! Due to his Heartworm treatment he has learned to be quite the couch potato!   He will lay in your lap and soak up all of the petting and love that he can get, and will wiggle non-stop while being rubbed.

Phoenix has shown some aggression towards male dogs, so he would do better with females, or even as an only dog.  Phoenix is not good with cats. His high energy level is best suited for homes with older children or just adults, as he could easily overwhelm little ones.

While he is sometimes impulsive, and maybe a little stubborn, too, Phoenix will quickly win your heart with his intelligence and sweet nature.

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