4 years

Shilo is sweet but bit shy, he will do best with a calm and patient family. He is quite unsure about new people and new noises but has come a long way since he arrived to our rescue. Shilo would love another confident dog to help him learn to trust and build his confidence. He is an active boy that loves to run and play with dogs so another energetic canine or two would be just what he needs.  Shilo has too much energy for an older dog.

When Shilo arrived, he was quite nervous about new people and new noises. After couple of weeks he’s gotten much better but he’s still learning. He gets startled easily by new sounds but his foster mom has been working on that and there has been very nice improvement. When afraid of new noises and people, Shilo will bark at the them, pace a bit and keep his distance. It will take some time for him to get more relaxed and less fearful. He’s quite comfortable with his foster mom now and loves to interact with her. Getting used to his foster dad has been taking a while but good thing Shilo LOVES food and that is a motivating factor.

Did we mention Shilo loves squeaky and fuzzy toys?! Once he felt more comfortable, he started grabbing and tossing some of them in the air. He also started fetching them for his foster mom. He loves it! Shilo has enough energy for that game to go on for quite a while. He also loves to chew and rip some of his toys apart so supervision is definitely required.

Shilo will stay in his crate while his foster mom is away and is house broken. He doesn’t know any commands yet but has learned his name pretty quickly. Shilo needs to learn proper leash walking skills but that can be accomplished later. He is quite overwhelmed with noises during his walks but feels much more comfortable on the back yard. In fact he LOVES to make few good rounds around. Since Shilo is quite unsure of new noises and startles easily, a fully fenced yard will be mandatory for this boy.

A quite home without a lot of activity would be a best fit for this sweet boy. Shilo is looking for a family of his own, could yours be the one?

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