1 Years

"She is as sweet as the day is long,” says Emma’s foster mom. And let’s face it, she has beauty to match that sweet temperament.

Emma unexpectedly found herself in our care after proving herself to be a bit of a “chaser” on the family farm. The cows and horses were not appreciative of Emma’s agility prowess, but perhaps an owner who is interested in working fly ball, Frisbee, or agility could utilize her talents!

Emma is active, friendly, playful, easy going, and good with dogs, cats, and children. She has never had an accident in her foster house. Emma is crate trained and is calm and quiet while crated. She is generally quiet for a collie and barks only on occasion. Emma walks well on a leash, but still needs some basic training on manners. She does get excited and sometimes jumps up on people, which is why we are suggesting a home with children above the age of six years old. Emma is still a puppy and has loads of energy. She absolutely loves to run and play with her foster siblings and will “frequently nibble on the dogs and cat” without actually biting.

While this is fun most of the time, it can get intrusive on her foster siblings when Emma wants to continually play. Emma would do best in a house with an active family and another young and playful dog. With Emma’s agility and willingness to chase, a fenced yard will be required. While Emma initially cowered around people and was fearful of loud noises, her foster mom happily reports that Emma now delights in being around people and her personality has truly blossomed.

Emma loves her people and would not do well left home alone all day. She craves interaction and closeness. Emma is still uncertain about thunder and getting in and out of cars, but with time and training, this too can change. From her foster mom: “With a little bit of work, Emma will make someone a fantastic dog.

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