12 Years

My name is Ginger and I’m looking for someone to love.  Sadly, my owner had to leave me and go to a nursing home; I sure do miss my human. I long for a home of my own where I can stay forever. 

I had 12 good years with my human before and they taught me how to behave.   I know all about manners.  I potty outside, respect personal space, and keep quiet in the house. I know “come” and “stay.” I don’t lunge or jump and I walk well on a lead.

I greet everyone with a wag, because you never know who might need a little happiness in their day.  I enjoy getting petted, brushed, massaged, my belly rubbed, and my ears scratched.   

I like to be near my human when I’m awake and I like to sleep next to the bed at night.  If I could, I’d melt right into them.  I may steal a piece of laundry every now and then just so I can lay on something that smells like them. 

I prefer some well-placed runners on the hardwood floors or linoleum to help me maneuver those harder surfaces, and sometimes I need a sling to help me with pesky stairs.  But if my human gives me some words of encouragement like, “You can do it!”, or “Look at you go!” it really boosts my confidence! 

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