Buddy Boy


9 Years

Looking for a loyal friend who won’t spill your secrets to your co-workers or post embarrassing photos on social media? Want a pal with a kind, sweet, and gentle heart? Would you prefer a good listener? How about one who doesn’t judge? Well, that’s our Buddy Boy!

Buddy Boy is a quiet roommate who keeps his space nice and clean. He stays home alone and has never stolen the valuables. Being a mature nine years old, Buddy Boy has experience with being a good house-guest. He knows right where the bathroom is and uses it accordingly. He likes to sleep near his friends, but prefers to sleep on the carpet or a rug. He doesn’t really like hard wood floors. Can you blame him?

Buddy Boy does have a refined palette and he prefers to have moist food with his kibble. But for all that refinery, he still is not above hanging out with children or calm pets.

 As with most mature house guests, Buddy Boy may need a few reminders on his commands. He’s a little rusty, but with some great leadership, he will understand commands in no time.

 This homeless drifter is looking for a friend and a place to put down some roots and call home. After wandering the countryside, we made sure that Buddy Boy was all up to date and taken care of. While he has a rather large looking scar where we took out a lump, we are happy to report that the lump was not cancerous. Buddy Boy does have arthritis, so he will not be chasing down rabbits or jumping on guests. He refers to hang out with his buddies and get his mellow groove on.

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