19 Weeks

Boston is a part of the Independence Day family who found themselves in a shelter just before the 4th of July. Thanks to our dedicated foster homes and volunteers, this family came to CRGI.

Mamma is Lady Liberty and she did a fantastic job raising them! Daddy is unknown. Boston is now part of a new foster family and is looking forward to finding his own perfect forever home!

Boston is a 19 week old, sweet and energetic puppy! His new home will need to be prepared to work hard to help him become a good family member. He explores everything with his mouth, as puppies do, so supervision and teaching him what to chew on and what not to is required. 

Boston is crate trained and knows his name. He will need obedience classes to help him learn all the basics! He “excels at the zoomies”, per his foster mom! He will need a fenced in yard to give him the opportunity to zoom away his puppy energy.

Boston has done really well with Potty training! He does his duty both outside. He will bark for attention when he needs to go outside.

Boston is bit reserved at first but warms up quickly. He loves people, snuggles and gives puppy kisses and little collie nibbles. Children over 5 years old are recommended.

Per his foster mom, “Boston is friendly and easy going.  He is active and wants to be fully engaged when he is awake.  Boston does listen better to his primary person, but also interacts well with and behaves for other family members.  He will greet and play with strangers.  I see no signs of aggression in Boston either over food or toys.  Boston is very agile now that he has grown out of the drunken sailor stage and has worked to master ramps and stairs in his way.  He would like to follow my older dog around, but she has other ideas about that.  Boston is very soft and snuggly and would love to meet his forever humans.”  

Boston would love a family that can engage his energy into positive growth.  Boston may be an agility dog based on how well he takes to ramps and stairs.  He also appears to be a smart little cookie as he will change directions and hide while playing chase with his brother.  

If you and your family are ready for puppy shenanigans, training, puppy kisses, snuggles, and love, then Boston could be the perfect little guy to add to your family!

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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