10 Weeks

Rocket is 10 weeks old and part of the Independence Day family who found themselves in a shelter just before the 4th of July. Thanks to our dedicated foster homes and volunteers, this family came to CRGI.

Mamma is Lady Liberty and she did a fantastic job raising them! Daddy is unknown. Rocket is now part of a new foster family and is looking forward to finding his own perfect forever home!

Rocket is diligently working on his potty training and is starting to head towards the door when the need arises. He is also starting to whine or bark when he needs to go outside.

Little Mr. Smarty pants likes to explore and will look for holes in the fence to go and explore the great big world. He is very bright and inquisitive. He is crate trained. He goes up and down stairs without a problem. 

Rocket is friendly and playful. He is good with children and other animals. He likes to bark when playing. He is good with bathing and a bit nervous with nail trims.

Rocket knows his name, but will need further training to learn the basics! Obedience training is always recommended when getting a puppy. It is a great way to stimulate their minds and build family bonds. Rocket wants to show you just how smart he is!

Per his foster mom “Rocket is full of snuggles. He loves to curl up on your feet to sleep or he will climb into your lap if you are sitting on the floor.”

Rocket would love a forever family with Children over 5 years old. He loves the company of his human foster family. He greets every person he meets with squiggle butt and tail wags!

If you are looking for a playful, smart, inquisitive snuggle buddy, then Rocket would love to be a part of your family!

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