12 Weeks

Jefferson is 10 weeks old and part of the Independence Day family who found themselves in a shelter just before the 4th of July. Thanks to our dedicated foster homes and volunteers, this family came to CRGI.

Mamma is Lady Liberty and she did a fantastic job raising them! Daddy is unknown. Jefferson is now part of a new foster family and is looking forward to finding his own perfect forever home!

Jefferson is a sweet energetic puppy! He is very inquisitive and his new home will need to be prepared to work hard to help him become a good family member. He explores everything with his mouth, as puppies do, so supervision and teaching him what to chew on and what not to is required.  He will do best with Children over 5 years old.

Jefferson is crate trained and knows his name. He will need obedience classes to help him learn all the basics!

Jefferson loves to explore and would be happiest with a fenced in yard. He is doing really well with potty training, with only occasional accidents. He does his duty both outside and on potty pads.

Jefferson is friendly and easy going, but will get into things if not engaged, like most puppies his age.  He is eager to please and seems to be food motivated. (He eats like it is a race to the finish!)  He is playful and would love to have a forever someone to run around with.  

He does well with bathing and brushing. Jefferson has figured out how to go upstairs, but is still working on how to go down them. 

Per his foster mom. “Jefferson would be into everything if he could.  He is so active and engaged.  He loves to stalk and pounce on his brother as none of the other resident animals want to engage with him.  He plays very well and is food motivated.” 

Looking for a great addition to your family? Ready to help Jefferson grow up to be a good family member? Then this little guy will shower you with puppy love and devotion. 

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