1 Years

47 lbs

Zoey is just a little diva! This adorable one year old girl is still a puppy looking for an active family.

She is great with other dogs and children but her collie herding instinct sometimes kicks in and she can be a bit nippy. Zoey also has a high prey drive and, though not a deal breaker, she would prefer a home without cats or other small animals.

Zoey needs to be crated when her humans are away because she seems to think that pillows and blankets are her personal chew toys. Silly girl! She is still a bit nervous about riding in a car but will get in willing.

Zoey has been learning all kinds of commands...but just at a puppy pace! She needs more training on leash walking as she can be easily distracted during her walks. Zoey loves to be outside, in fact she loves the snow so much, it can be hard to get her inside or keep her focused.

All that aside she is such a joy to be around and truly be a wonderful dog that needs some proper training. Zoey would prefer the company of another playful dog and a fenced yard is required since she loves to play!

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