7 Years

60 lbs

Take one look at Lassie’s sweet angel face and try not to smile.

One of her favorite things to do that as soon as she gets outside, before she does anything else, is to find a patch of grass and roll around on her back and wiggle her bright white belly. She likes going on walks, and while she is working her way up to longer and more vigorous stretches, she prefers to leisurely stroll around the block and then head inside.

Nothing bothers her while she is outside or inside, and she rarely, if ever barks. She will mostly just whine when she wants something. Lassie earned the nickname “The Queen” at her foster home because she quickly established who was in charge amongst the three dogs in the house, and also because she loves laying on anything soft and comfy and looks adorable while doing so. 

Lassie would do well as an only dog, or with canine siblings who don’t mind her strong will. She is good with cats, so feline siblings would be OK. In general, nothing seems to bother Lassie (except thunder), she is good with grooming, doesn’t mind the vacuum, will go up and down stairs, and she will go into a crate. Thunderstorms do scare her and she likes to be around her humans for reassurance.

Lassie has brought a lot of smiles to her foster home and she has many more to give to her forever family.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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