22 Weeks

Lola is an active and spirited 22 weeks old puppy. She loves to run and play. She enjoys being outside exploring her yard, running, playing or just laying down. This little girl loves attention and enjoys belly rubs.

She has been very good with other dogs in her foster home and looks to one of them for guidance.  She will bark and try to play with the cat; however, the cat is not interested.

Lola is talkative, even when she is sleeping. Her mom says she makes silly sounds as she’s taking her naps. She is also very treat-motivated and will be easy for someone to work with. Lola has learned her name and comes when called; she has also learned “sit” but at times is too excited and needs few reminders.

Lola loves to explore and investigate new things.  Due to her young age, she does pick up things to chew and should be crated or put into an x-pen when left alone. Shoes are her favorite chew toys!

Lola tends to get spooked when there is an unfamiliar sound or when the big dogs are barking. To keep her safe a fenced yard is required for Lola.
Lola is a fun and sweet girl who’s looking for a family of her own. Could you be the one?

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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