16 Weeks

Charlie is a sweet and happy 13 week old boy. 

Charlie loves to be with people, he will follow you around and lay by your feet.  He is very affectionate, loves being talked to and getting belly rubs.  He is very social and happy to meet new people.  

Charlie is a smart boy and doing great with his house training! He is also very much treat-motivated and picks up quickly on his training.  He has learned his name and knows: “come” and “sit.” Charlie doesn’t like to be on a leash and pulls back so his forever family will need to continue working on that. A fenced yard would be preferred for Charlie.

Charlie is a young puppy and loves to chew on many things he finds. For this reason, he needs to be closely supervised or put away in a crate or x-pen as he might chew on things he shouldn’t. He also needs to be monitored with little children to make sure he doesn’t jump on them or nibble.   

Charlie does well with other dogs, he looks to his younger foster sibling for guidance and plays well with him.  He barks at and wants to play with the resident cat; however, the kitty is not interested. His foster mom reports that Charlie makes endearing sounds when he’s getting comfortable or when taking a nap. Charlie isn’t too vocal but will bark when he’s excited, impatient or when playing.  
His foster mom says “Charlie has been a joy to work with and is a super enjoyable boy!”

If Charlie sounds like a puppy you’re looking for then please fill our adoption application!

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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