6 Months

28 lbs

Kaylee is a sweet, curious, and playful pup who came to CRGI with her brother Ronan after spending their first five months of life outside together in a dog run. Kaylee has quickly warmed up to her foster family and is learning how to live life inside.  She has done well with house breaking, and will go to the door and bark when she needs to go out.

There are many noises that are new to her.  She is very interested in the TV subwoofer, but vacuums and other loud kitchen appliances have her running to her crate or barking at the noises until they stop.  Her crate is her safe place, it is where she goes for comfort and it is where she likes to sleep.  At night, she will go into her crate by herself when she is ready to go to bed.   

Kaylee is great with other dogs and really loves the resident dogs.  She will run and play with them and will even go to them for comfort.  She would do best in a home with at least one other dog for companionship.  Kaylee is very loving and likes to give kisses and nose nibbles to her family.  When meeting new people, Kaylee can be a little shy and skittish, but after a while she will warm up to them.  It is unknown how Kaylee is around children, but being a young pup, a home with older children who can understand her would be best. 

Kaylee’s foster family is working on some basic commands with her, such as: sit, stay, no, come, and paw, and they say she is a quick learner.  She is still working on learning how to walk on a leash, one of the things she never had to do before she went to her foster home.  Being so young, she still needs to be crated when alone, as she might find something to chew on that isn’t hers.  A fenced yard would be ideal for her. 

Kaylee really seems to be loving her new indoor lifestyle, and is looking for a forever family to help her continue to live the good life. 

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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