16 Weeks

25 lbs

We have stopped taking applications!

Meet beautiful sable puppy Beau! 

At sixteen weeks old, Beau is a bundle of fun and energy. As he’s just a little guy, he is working on house training and needs to go out every few hours. He is responding well to “good potty.” Because he’s a young puppy who likes to chew on things, Beau needs to be kept in a pen or crate when not supervised. If told to “kennel up,” Beau will relax in his kennel, chew on a toy, and eventually fall asleep.

With the exception of the vacuum cleaner, Beau has done well adjusting to his environment. He sits in his crate for car rides and settles right down as long as he knows his people are with him. He thinks being brushed is a game and tries to eat the brush. As such a small puppy, he’s still learning to go up and down stairs, and since he’s teething, he will nibble fingers, hands, lower legs, and toes. He is a smart boy, though. When told “no bite,” he stops.

Beau is quickly moving to the head of the class with his training. He is a treat-motivated learner. He responds consistently to come, sits automatically when fed or given a treat, and if asked to sit first, complies with the down command. Leash walking is a work in progress for young Beau. He’s learning to shake and will be the perfect little gentleman in no time. 

Beau is friendly towards everyone he meets. He has done well living with eleven and eighteen year old kids. His foster parent says, “Beau is so sweet! He flops down on your laps when you sit on the floor so you can give him belly rubs. He always seems to be smiling and is so very happy. He has been just a joy to have.” Beau loves being with his people. He likes when people talk to him, always curious about what they’re doing. He likes following kids around, playing with them, and sleeping near them. 

Beau is currently living with two dogs and a cat. He very much wants to befriend the cat; the cat, however, does not share his warm fuzzy feelings. Telling Beau, “Leave my cat alone” is usually enough to get him to back away. Beau’s other housemates include a one and a half year old male dog and a ten year old female dog. He follows them around and loves to play with them in the house and in the yard. He tries to cuddle with them even when they don’t want him to. He hasn’t yet learned how to read their cues, and it’s sometimes necessary for his foster parent to intervene by telling him to “leave my dog alone.” At times he needs to be physically separated from the other dogs; however, Beau responds well to redirection. As much as he likes the other dogs, he will engage in resource guarding. When there’s a particularly special treat involved, he will growl to let the others know it’s his. He is a quick learner and can learn in time that this behavior is unacceptable.

Beau is a very smart and energetic young lad. He loves to play with toys and will dig in the toy box to find the one he wants. He would benefit from puppy classes, ongoing training, and a fenced yard. He would do well with a family with a good “mama dog” who could help put him in his place when needed. Because of the puppy nibbles and the resource guarding, he should not live in a home with toddlers. Beau is a wonderful dog and will be a great addition to a family, your family, if you’re lucky enough. 

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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