1 Years

43 lbs 

Fenced yard required (higher than 4 ft)

Maya is a young, energetic pup who loves to be around people and is eager to please. She is looking for a family that can be patient with her as she learns manners, gets through her puppy chewing phase, and gains trust in her new home. She is also a little underweight, so she will need help with continuing to pursue the proper nutrition to get her to a healthy weight.

Maya is building her confidence when it comes to walking on a leash. When she first arrived at CRGI, she would drop to the ground at the first sign of tension on the leash but her foster mom has been working on it and reports that Maya has shown nice improvement. Also, since she arrived, Maya has learned to climb stairs and has started to explore the upstairs level of her foster home on her own.

At night, Maya sleeps in a crate. She would probably be happier not in a crate, but due to her chewing tendencies, it is the best place for her, for now. Maya is potty trained and has learned to communicate when she needs to go out by pacing and circling the back door.  She usually goes out on a leash and her foster mom tells her to "go potty," and she does! She is also able to go out on her own and find her favorite spot to do her business.

Prior to coming to CRGI, we were told that she figured out a way to jump a 4' fence.  She also likes to bark at wildlife and chase animals when she is outside, so a home with a taller fence (higher than 4') would provide her a safe environment.

Maya is great with other dogs and loves playing with them. She can be a bit too enthusiastic, which isn't always welcome, but she seems to be able to read their reactions and knows when to back off.  Maya would do well in a home with an active canine sibling. When it comes to human siblings, it would be best if they were at least ten years of age, as she can be a little rough and likes to jump. Maya’s previous owner reported that she was relentlessly chasing the resident cats. When she first arrived at CRGI, Maya encountered dog savvy cats at the foster home and definitely showed some interest in them. All was fine until the kitties started running around and playing; her chasing instincts kicked in. A home without cats would be preferred for Maya or one with dog savvy cats and owner willing to spend time with proper supervision and training. 

Maya is a loving girl who has so much to give to her forever family and who so desperately wants to be loved. We want to find her a home that can reciprocate that love and also provide her with the guidance, safety, and training she needs as she grows.

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