7 Years

50 lbs

Fenced yard required

Sometimes two pieces of a puzzle just don't fit together perfectly, even when they look like they should, and adoptions are the same way. Sometimes things are just a little off and collies come back to us to try again. Because his previous family loved Oliver so much, they wanted him to have the chance to fit perfectly into someone else's picture.

Oliver is a loving 7 year old sable & white gentleman who loves to snuggle and feels best when someone is home with him.  He gets along well with other dogs, and would prefer a house with a similar-sized easy going canine friend. He's interested in cats but doesn't chase them, though he may poke them with his long nose!  

Oliver needs a home with no young children but would be fine with ages 11 and up.  A fenced yard is highly preferred for this handsome boy.

At his foster home, Oliver has proven to be a very good house guest. He does not have any issues with being in a crate when left alone, and he is also content to sleep there at night. He has picked up potty training pretty quickly, and his foster mom reports that he hasn't had any accidents. Oliver seems to be a pretty quiet guy. His foster mom said that he didn't actually bark until he was there for about a week and a half. He mostly just barks at bicycles passing by or will bark for a short time after his foster family leaves the house.

A home with a fence would be desirable in order to help provide some safety for Oliver as he learns basic commands and starts to respond to his name. Some sounds seem to frighten him, like construction noise, thunder or trains off in the distance. He has been known to run to the fence at his foster home and bark at bikes going by, so a fence would help to acclimate him to his forever home surroundings. 

In general, Oliver is a sweet guy. When he wants attention, he will rub his face on you or will set it in your lap for you to pet. When encountering new people, he is bit shy at first but warms up.  He received a positive report from the groomer, who said that he was good, but a little mouthy at the end.

Could Oliver be the piece missing from your life?  He's here and waiting for his forever to begin!

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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