4 Years

60 lbs
Fenced yard required

Meet Dash!

Sweet, smart, loving and craving attention! Those are a few words from his foster mom. Dash is an enthusiastic and energetic four-year-old boy that loves to be where his people are. He is friendly, active and extremely playful. He is a bit unsure when meeting new people, but that doesn’t last long. He quickly warms up and then wants all your attention and affection. 

His foster mom says Dash can be a clown sometimes and makes her laugh. He loves playing with squeaky toys; he tosses them up in the air and jumps up to try to catch them. He likes playing with balls as well. When outside, he starts to run back and forth and all around his foster mom. In typical collie fashion, when excited, he nips at his foster mom telling her “Hey, I am here and happy; let’s play!” Having the herding instinct, Dash tries to herd his human at times, happily nipping and nudging his foster mom in the direction he wants her to go. For this reason, an adult only home or one with older children would be best.

Dash already knows the commands: sit, lay down, and come. His leash walking skills need a little bit of work, but his foster mom reports that after she gives him a correction, he pays more attention to where she’s going and follows her lead. He’s a door dasher and will need to learn how to curb his impulses; his foster mom started to teach him to sit and wait before rushing through the door. Since Dash loves to run and doesn’t have reliable recall, a fenced yard will be required for his safety in his forever home.

Dash is not shy about checking what’s on the kitchen counters and tables. He also thinks anything at his nose level or below is a toy and will gladly chew on it. He will need a patient family that will teach him what he is allowed to chew and play with and what he is not.

He gets a bit nervous when he hears strange new sounds or loud noises such as a vacuum cleaner, a printer, popcorn popping, or trucks driving by. He is also startled by thunder, but after a few minutes easily calms down.    

Dash would love an active family who can stimulate him physically and mentally. He needs a family that is patient and willing to work with him on his chewing and counter surfing tendencies. Obedience classes are highly recommended for this boy. And since he’s smart, treat motivated, and eager to please, we believe the obedience training will be a breeze for him. Is your family up for an adventure with this sweet boy?

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