4 Years

60 lbs

Fenced yard: May be negotiable

Who is your favorite character from Winnie The Pooh?  If its Pooh, Piglet, or even Eyore, you might want to keep scrolling, BUT if you are wild about Tigger, you might like to meet Dash!

Dash is a 4yo male, blue-headed white collie with a HUGE personality.  Like Tigger, he is seldom still, a little clueless, extremely positive and capable of being a very good friend, indeed.  He can also be quite the handful - it's just ‘go, go, GO’ with Dash, so his forever family would ideally include a stay-at-home someone who wants a very interactive dog.

Dash is not a great fan of being crated, but needs to be when not supervised as he is fully capable of making inappropriate items into playthings.  He has learned to go into his kennel, and has resigned himself to remaining there for the night, but during the day he can have moments where he insists, persistently, that he should be out with you. If not crated, he is happy enough to stay behind a baby gate in a dog-proofed room, but right now should probably NOT be given full range of a house, unsupervised.  He gleefully plows through things instead of going around them, jumps over furniture and gallops upstairs, so patience and a very good sense of humor is critical.

Other dogs in your household?  Dash is pretty indifferent to resident canines - he doesn’t seem to need dog friends, but doesn’t object to another being in the house.  Have cats?   His current foster home has more than one cat, and he has shown very little interest in feline residents.  Children?  Dash is a big fan of kids, but because of his size and his lack of awareness might not be a good choice for families with children under 9 or so.  He also might not be the best choice for a family member with physical limitations - this guy has zero filter on his enthusiasm right now.  

On the positive side, Dash is extremely smart, loves learning tricks and remembers what he has been taught.  He's very food motivated, but it's really your time & attention he thrives on.  He also walks beautifully on his leash, is nonreactive to cars, trucks, bicycles or other dogs and really enjoys his time outdoors with you.  He loves playing with toys, and will happily bring you his favorite for as long as you are game.  His primary focus, though, is YOU, and being with you.

So, if your Hundred Acre Woods is lacking a bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy guy full of fun, fun, fun send in your application!  Like Tigger, Dash is… the only one!

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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