7 Months

38 lbs

Fenced yard required.

Meet Jessie, a six-month-old sweet and loving girl. She is a happy, friendly, active, easy-going pup that loves everyone. Her foster mom says she hasn’t met anyone she doesn’t like. She loves to snuggle with people and will try to go up on the furniture to form a puppy pile with them.

Jessie loves the companionship of other dogs. She will seek out the resident dogs to play with or to cuddle with. While playing, Jessie doesn’t yet understand that jumping up on them while excited isn’t always welcome. She would do great with another active and tolerant dog that is able to put up with her puppy-like antics.

When happy or excited, Jessie has a habit of jumping up on people. She also likes to put her paws up on the counter or on a table in order to investigate things. However, she is easily corrected and will put her paws back on the floor when directed. She already knows “sit” and will respond when calling her name. Jessie will need some training as she hasn’t had much in her past. But she will be a phenomenal family member for someone who is willing to take the time to teach her some manners and to engage her curious mind. 

Being a herding breed, Jessie has some tendencies toward herding people in the house with a little mouthing or nipping at the heels. Ideally, a home without little kids running around would be the best. Overall, Jessie is pretty good in the house. But since she’s still a puppy and likes to chew, she should be crated while not supervised. She does well when in her crate and also does well overnight. Jessie doesn’t always communicate when she needs to go to the bathroom and will need a bit more guidance in that area. Her foster mom reports that she will sometimes whine or scratch at the door, but not always. 

A fenced yard will be required for her safety. She is inquisitive and likes to check on people and other dogs. Not having reliable recall, she would likely run off to investigate new things or to meet new people if not secured by a fence.

While Jessie may require just a bit of patience and guidance as she’s growing up, she will make up for it in sweetness and affection! Don't you think your couch could use a little collie fluff and puppy snuggles? 

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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