4 Years

55 lbs
Fenced yard required

Fostered in SE Michigan

Montana is a 4-year-old old female who was surrendered when her owner became ill. Montana was a kennel dog in her past, so she had a lot to experience when becoming a family dog.

Montana is very well house trained, can be crated or gated and is well behaved now in the house. She still has a tendency to dart through doors. She knows "wait" but a girl has to get to the yard fast to make sure no squirrels have taken over her yard while she is inside. She was not interested in toys at first, but now you can see her joy when she gets new a toy from her foster mom!

Montana can be a barker if she sees something or someone she believes is out of place. An obedience class would help her to bond and catch up on her education she missed out on in her early years. She’s good for car rides. 

She may be somewhat high maintenance as she has allergies and takes meds for that as needed. Spring has made her bit itchy. Montana will need frequent baths during the itching episodes. This is something that may improve in time. 

A fenced yard is necessary for this girl as she loves to chase squirrels and things that move. While chasing Montana's hearing is questionable. 

With a patient, loving owner, Montana will continue to blossom, and her silly antics will have you smiling every day.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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