In Foster

10 Years

60 lbs

In most cases, we know very little about each dog. Once we feel we have learned enough we will update their profile. The dog then will be listed as "Available" for adoption.

6/13/2022 UPDATE: 
Lucy is doing well under her foster home’s wonderful care. Her skin is looking good, thankfully no staph infection just lots of “dandruff”. Her skin looked so much better after a bath so she will continue to get oatmeal and aloe baths per our vet’s recommendation. Lucy’s ears were terribly infected. She had “rod” bacteria in her ears. They just smelled awful. They seem a lot better now and they don’t smell anymore. Cleaning her ears isn’t easy as she’s been in a lot of pain. Hopefully soon she’ll get some relief. She is quite arthritic so laying down and standing up can be a chore at times, but since she was put on anti inflammatory and pain meds, her foster home noticed considerable improvement. Thank goodness she’s food motivated and is great at taking meds! Ear follow up exam and urinalysis recheck scheduled for next week. Teeth cleaning and possible extractions are also recommended by the vet. Once she’s stable enough, we will take care of that. 

Lucy is a smart girl. She lets her foster parents know when she wants to go out and is a champ on the leash!  No accidents to date.  

Lucy is significantly hearing impaired and barely hears anything at all. She loves to be rubbed all over head, back, and butt! She is a playful senior and loves to hold the leash! 

Her foster mom thinks she could be a runner, so she will need a fenced yard in her forever home.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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