5 Months

25 lbs

Fenced yard required

Cinderella is your typical puppy, in all the clumsy ways. She loves her people and really just wants to please. She gets along great with the other dogs in the household, once she learned her place. 
She can be shy around new people, and has submissively piddled a few times during introductions, but warms up very quickly.

Cinderella finds great comfort in her kennel, as that is her safe place. She has slept thru the night in her kennel since her arrival and has not messed in it or the house. After potting and play time, she will make a beeline straight to her kennel. She has her meals in the kennel to prevent others from eating her puppy food and she will let you know when she needs to go out. 

Cinderella is learning to sit, stay and come. She is still unsure about treats; sometimes she will take them, other times she will not. Cinderella responds very well to praise and positive reinforcement. As with any puppy, she is a jumper especially when she is first released from kennel and we are working extremely diligently to break that habit. She does get lots attention when all four are on the floor. 

She is very curious about her surroundings when outside. She is not a barker when out in the yard, but will pay close attention to any passerby waking or bike riding past the house. The fireworks and thunderstorms did not bother her at all. Loud cars, motorcycles, or lawn mowers have not bothered her either. She is also very curious about inside of house and her foster mom has been working on manners while she is out and the “off” command when she wants to see what’s on the counters or furniture. Cinderella is excellent in the car. She either sits or lays down in back seat. She does need help getting in the car but has no trouble jumping out. Ella is also very good for a bath and loves to be brushed. Since her foster mom brought her home, her paws have been man handled so trimming nails is no trouble, and is brushed on a regular basis.

Cinderella’s foster mom started working with her on leash walking. She will need a family that will continue the leash training. This girl will walk on a leash, but just needs to know what is acceptable and what’s not when walking with her people. 

Cinderella is a happy puppy that will require a lot of patience, love and training. If you are ready for this sweet girl, fill out her application below.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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