2 Years

53 lbs, 2 years old
Fenced yard, another active dog and experienced owner required

Who hasn’t listened to that Grammy Award Winning song, “Bette Davis Eyes” and not thought of the glamorous Hollywood actress? With her sexy smokey eyes, this Oscar winning beauty was rivaled by none. 

Aptly named, Bette Davis is possibly the most beautiful harlequin collie on the planet and she is ready for her debut. No ordinary home will do for this femme fatale; she will require some patient pampering as she can be a bit melodramatic. Like all divas, Bette often plays coy. Winning her affection can take some work, but the effort is so worth it! Once she’s decided you are worthy, she’ll cuddle up close on the couch and lavish you with love. 

Unlike her namesake, Bette prefers not being in the limelight. She prefers a much more intimate theater. It’s in this safe space where her true character will flourish. This leading lady is not shy with other canines. In fact, she blossoms when playing the role of flirt. She loves her foster mom’s two collie boys who play willing leading men. Bette generously kisses and gently nuzzles their ears as if she’s rehearsing a romantic love scene. But don’t let that sweetness fool you. At the drop of a hat, she gives the boys a run for their money in the back yard. They are the best of playmates, and she needs this interaction. 

Bette often spends time in her dressing room (crate) where she also spends her nights lounging on her luxurious bed getting her beauty sleep. She takes comfort in a secluded shelter away from the paparazzi when her world has become overwhelmingly chaotic. 

If you are interested in adopting this beauty of ALL beauties, have a fenced yard, tranquil home, and another young star looking for an adoring playmate…roll out the red carpet and welcome Bette!

To sum it up:

~Physical fence required
~At least one other young and active dog in the home 
~Requires gentle approach and patience

~Loves to be brushed
~Loves to rump around the yard with her foster collies
~Likes to snuggle with her humans on the couch
~Unknown with cats

~Ideal family: an active, experienced and patient owner to help Bette with her confidence level

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