2 Years

70 lbs

Fenced yard required

If looks were everything, young Garth already would be the leading man on life’s stage. But he still has some work to do to “learn his lines,”

He’s already learned some things, like life outside his crate isn’t so bad, and how much fun a yard can be, especially with some canine buddies to play with. He’s even made friends with the resident cat. And he’s learned to eat from his bowl, although treats don’t really excite him.  

Garth has been a bit “over-eager” with soft toys, so hard toys and bones suit him better. He is a great collie brother to his foster siblings and does well as a follower. He has the most confidence when with other dogs and has a great time playing with his two foster collies.

Garth prefers a female human over a male; he will often approach his foster mom for some pets and give some hand kisses. He also likes sleeping next to his foster parent’s bed. 

He’s a generally happy boy, just not sure yet about new things like leashes for walks and people who want to always pet him. He wants to be friends, just at his pace, so older children and patient adults would be best for him. Learning his environment is his ongoing study course. Sudden noises can startle him, though more inside the house than outside. 

Most of all, Garth would benefit from training and a quiet and patient home willing to teach him life’s script in a calm, nurturing way. Before you know it, this handsome boy could be an Oscar winner!

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