8 Months

37 lbs
Fenced yard required

Calling all cuddlers! Galveston is looking for a home that will allow him full access to all safe and warm places… a couch, a pet bed, your lap. He feels most secure around people he has had a chance to connect with, and wants to be held and loved by them every chance he gets. Since he has been with CRGI, this six-month-old puppy has overcome a lot, but he is now ready to spend a cozy winter with his forever family. 

Galveston’s approach to life is to sit back and observe, and when he is comfortable, he will dive in head first to the action happening around him. He is usually content to perch on the couch and watch his foster brothers play and get attention, and he will eventually participate once he feels secure with the people and surroundings. He is cautious when new people come to the house and will often run away and hide in his crate or another safe place. Once he knows you, he won’t hesitate to jump on your lap and watch television (he particularly likes Hallmark movies).

Galveston is also very active and likes to run around outside and jump and play with the other dogs. Sometimes he is having so much fun he doesn’t want to come in. He is usually the one to initiate the fun with his foster brothers, but he has also learned a lot from them, like when it is time to go out and back in, what to do when it’s time to eat, and how to behave for treats. He would do really well in a home with another dog to continue to show him the ropes.  

While Galveston is a puppy, he has shown limited interest in chewing, and he has learned to pick up a toy if he wants to chew. Galveston is good on walks and enjoys exploring the outside world. He can be skittish with loud or new sounds, but he is a brave little guy and will continue walking once he feels secure.  He rides nicely in the car with no issues. He jumps into the car nicely, but is a little timid getting out and needs some coaxing. Galveston sleeps and eats in a crate, and that is where he sometimes goes if he is scared or wants some alone time. 

Whether you love spending time outdoors or enjoy curling up with a book, as long as he knows he can count on you, Galveston will be by your side.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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