1 Years

60 lbs

This buckaroo has been through the mill in his short life and deserves to have a real homestead. Cowboy is a one-year-old boy who would love a family willing to provide him guidance and confidence building activities. Right now, he is unsure of new things and sounds, but his foster mom believes that with time there will be great improvement. 
Cowboy is super sweet, reserved, quiet, and gentle. He takes time warming up to new people and isn’t interested in petting just yet. But once he earns your trust, he will allow some petting and will even give collie kisses.

His foster mom, who is a groomer, reports that Cowboy did really well during his first spa day. He is doing great with house training, is learning to walk on leash, and is taking a few deck stairs. This sweet boy has no idea what toys are, but he is curious and is starting to realize they can be fun. Yeehaw!
Cowboy is really good with other dogs and cats. His foster mom says he is definitely a follower looking for a head honcho to show him the ropes.
He is learning his daily routines and a few commands such as: outside, let's go home, and good boy. He’s working on sit. Since he isn't highly motivated and is easily startled, he needs more work.
Since Cowboy could become startled and giddy-up when you don’t want him to, his ideal family would have a fenced yard. He also needs a family with patience and knowledge about how to work with dogs on socialization and confidence building. 

Cowboy is a sweet boy who will wrangle your heart if you give him half a chance. Can you open your heart and home to this deserving boy? If so, saddle up, cowpokes and fill out the application found here.

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