1 Years

44 lbs

Terrific Tara is looking for a family. This young girl is easy going, playful, and active. Tara is shy and cautious when she first meets new people but is friendly and happy to see someone once she’s comfortable. Once she gains your trust, this sweetheart loves cuddles and enjoys being petted.

Tara is adjusting to life with her foster family. She can run up and down stairs and enjoys playing and barking with other dogs. She likes to be brushed, so she doesn’t even mind going to the groomer. Tara enjoys walks but needs some training. She can be both nervous and curious. The loud noises of vehicles and new things like bikes can frighten her. She pulls and weaves a bit and stops periodically to look at people and dogs. Tara is house trained and does fine when left alone, so she does not need to be confined to a crate which is good because she does not like being crated.

Tara needs to be socialized more to help her acclimate to her environment. She needs extra practice with riding in cars. She will not jump in on her own and needs help. She rides quietly but has motion sickness. Patience and practice will help her get used to car rides.

Tara is just beginning to respond to the come command. She’s a young girl so she’ll need consistent training to help her learn the basics. Tara will also need a fenced in yard. She can be very skittish when surprised by loud noises and new things, and she could easily run off if not secured.

This young girl has some fears and training needs typical of a young dog that had a rough start in life, but she is a super sweet and gentle girl. She would love to live with another young, playful dog that could teach her the ropes and help her expend some energy. Although she has no experience with children and is a bit afraid of them at first, she may be fine with kids who know how to be gentle and patient with dogs. Already, Tara’s lovely personality is blooming. She’s even beginning to snuggle with her foster mom. Tara is well on her way to becoming a great companion and family member. All she needs is a chance.

Are you willing to give Tara a chance? Open your heart and home. Fill out an application for this sweet girl.

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