8 Months

85 lbs

Fenced yard required
Fostered in SE Michigan

Watch out! This bandit just might steal your heart. Bandit is a sweet and fun 8-month-old boy. He is happy and friendly to everyone he meets! Even though he is a big boy, he thinks he is still a lap dog. He loves attention, scratches, and snuggles. 

Bandit loves to have fun! He enjoys running around the yard and playing with the resident Australian Shepherd and Husky. Bandit also likes to carry his favorite toys around the house and even likes to curl up with them on the floor. He has not chewed on them yet; he just carries them in his mouth ever so gently. He will also carry shoes and clothing items around the house. He’s learning what’s a toy and what’s not. He will need some supervision before being allowed to roam the house freely while his people are away for extended periods of time.

This happy boy is still very much a big puppy and has a few things to learn. Bandit is just starting to get an understanding of proper leash walking and basic commands such as sit and down. He will sit and shake, or give paw, as long as treats are involved. He’s a smart boy and is catching on fast. When excited, Bandit will often run into or jump up on his foster parents. Being an eighty-five pound puppy, he would do best in a home without elderly or low mobility individuals, and since he could easily knock down small kids, he would be better suited to a household with older children. Bandit can jump out of the car but sometimes needs help getting in. A car ride is not his favorite activity, but once he’s in, he rides well overall.

A fenced in yard is required as Bandit loves to run around chasing everything in sight. He would benefit from being in a home with another playful dogs but would also do well as a single pet as long as he can be kept entertained and busy. 

Are you ready to share your adventures with this delightful boy?

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