1 Years

62 lbs
Fenced yard required
Fostered in Illinois

This tail waggin’ affectionate boy is just waiting for someone to love. Jax is a 1.5 year old sweetheart. He is eager to please and loves hanging out with his people. He will gladly reward you with kisses if you scratch his bum.
Jax is friendly, active, and playful. He really enjoys running, chasing and rough-housing with the two youngest resident collies. He would love to have a young canine in his forever home; however, we are not sure how he is with cats. Being a collie, he’s displayed some herding instinct but is not nipping or barking. He’s a typical collie that likes to vocalize but no more or less than any average collie. Jax’s foster home believes that a fenced yard is necessary to keep him safe while he’s playing chase games and goofing around.

Leash walking is going well; he needs a little work, especially when seeing another person he wants to say hi to or another dog. Jax knows a few commands like no, sit and stay. His foster dad says Jax is smart and learned the feeding routine pretty quickly. Jax is a sensitive boy and is a little nervous about thunder and vacuum cleaners, but he’s getting used to those sounds at his foster home.

Jax sleeps overnight in his crate. During the day he is free to roam and will snooze in various places around the house. He’s made himself comfortable on the dog beds and on the couch. He's even taken a nap on the bed with his foster dad! This boy knows how to relax. 

Jax craves comfort and companionship from people. He would love a forever family that is home more often than not - one that will give him all the play time and cuddles he deserves. Jax is a young, happy boy eager to find a family of his own. If you can give Jax his happily ever after, fill out our application.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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