2 Years

76 lbs 
Fenced yard required
Fostered in SE Michigan

Hey there, my name is Raleigh. I’m a chunky junk food junkie who wants a family to love and a sofa to cuddle on. I recently embarked on a journey that changed my life, and I’m hopeful it ends with me finding the perfect forever home. Let me tell you the best parts of my story.
My whole life I lived in my backyard with my sister, but one day all that changed. A kind person came and took us on an adventure beyond my dreams! We traveled from Missouri to a magical place called Michigan. Here in the land of Michigan dogs get to live in houses. It’s wonderful! The floor is cool and clean to sleep on. There’s this thing called a “couch” and it has soft fluffy pillows. I like to rearrange them for maximum softness and cuddling. I think this must be heaven!

Speaking of clean and soft—my foster mom gave me a bath. What a surprise! I always thought I was a brown dog, but it turns out I’m mostly white with only a little brown. I’m soft and fluffy too. It feels so nice to be clean, and the best part is people want to pet me and tell me I’m handsome—I really love people. They say I’m a Velcro dog because I always want to be wherever they are. If they forget to pet me, I remind them with a paw tap. When my people leave, I wait right by the door so I can tell them how much I missed them when they come home. I always try to be extra good when my people aren’t around, but sometimes I can’t resist checking to see if anything yummy is up on the counter. My foster mom says I’m a junk food junkie who is awfully chunky and I need to lose weight, but dieting is hard so I like to look for snacks wherever I might find them.
At my foster home I have a pack of collie brothers and sisters. They’re cool, but I’d rather have my people all to myself so I can get 100% of the pets and kisses and be the top dog. I think I might like to be the only dog in my forever home, but cats are OK with me. Now that I know how good life can be, I’m excited to have a family of my very own to cuddle with and give lots of love and kisses to. You don’t even have to live in the magical land of Michigan, as long as you love me.
Would you like to be the final stop on my long journey?

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