3 Years

45 lbs  
6 foot fenced yard required
Fostered in Illinois

Grace is a three-year-old sable and white rough collie. Her coat was heavily matted and the shelter decided to shave her before releasing her to our rescue. Since then, her beautiful long coat has grown back nicely.
Grace is a sweet, fun and friendly girl. She loves cuddles and giving kisses. She greets strangers by gently jumping on them. She gets along well with the resident cats and two resident collies. She is curious and friendly with the next door neighbors’ dog as well. Grace and the neighbor’s dog jump up on the fence to see each other any chance they get; super cute to watch. She can easily climb over a 4 foot fence to check what's going on on the other side and for this reason a 6 foot fence is required for this curious girl! Although at times she might be a tad bit pushy towards one of the dogs in the foster home, they both snuggle up for a nap on the couch at the end of the day. When not enjoying the comforts of home, Grace likes running around the yard. She gets bursts of energy and zooms all over the place. This fun girl needs a fenced in yard for sure!

Grace is coming along nicely with her training. She knows the sit and come commands and is working on shake and down. She could use a little work on social etiquette. Her table and counter manners are less than ideal, and she tends to jump on people, but we feel that with consistent and gentle training she will learn in no time. Good thing she is food motivated. Grace rides well in the car, is pretty good on a leash, and is fine with loud noises. When outside, she has some difficulty keeping focus as there’s so much to see, hear, and smell while on leash or in the yard. Continued practice with following directions when distracted is recommended.
Bath time and brushing is not a problem for Grace. Being a social girl, she likes to be with her collie pack when her humans are gone. Her foster mom has been crating her when leaving for extended periods of time. Grace will whine for a while but will settle down. When everyone is home, the crate is open and you’ll find Grace relaxing there from time to time. 

With her playful nature and loving kisses, Grace would be a great addition to any family. Fill out an application for amazing Grace today.

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