3 Years

36 lbs (underweight)
Fenced yard required
Fostered in Illinois

Emma may look like a normal purebred collie, but we think she’s also part lovebug and part mountain goat. (*humor*)

Emma’s journey began in a hoarding scenario in Kansas. Despite the early hardships, fate smiled on her when the local shelter stepped in to liberate her and her sisters. Sadly, they were so filthy and matted the shelter decided to shave them before releasing them to CRGI. Sweet Emma’s short and shaggy haircut is starting to grow out, she’s been slowly putting on some much-needed weight, and her spirit has blossomed in foster care. You can already see what a beauty this white factored sable girl will be with a little more good food and love.

 You might think Emma’s frightful puppyhood would make her timid and scared of many things, but she defies those expectations. This sassy little girl is practically fearless. She loves chasing squirrels in the yard, jumps up on the picnic table like a mountain goat to get the best view of her kingdom, doesn’t mind being bathed and brushed, and warms to visitors quickly. Of course, she has some quirks. Emma is not a big fan of the vacuum cleaner and blender, but who can blame her?

Social and friendly, Emma gets along well with other dogs. Yet it’s her love for her people that is her defining quality. A true lovebug, Emma’s mission is to be as close to you as possible. She’ll happily climb in your lap, or lay her head on your lap, arm, leg, head—anything—just to be touching you. Emma craves affection and will ask for it, then pay you back in kisses. Now that she knows how good people can be, Emma just wants to be loved! 

As a young and active collie, Emma is crate trained for times her family is away and to sleep at night. She’s a curious explorer indoors and out. For this reason, Emma needs a fenced yard and additional training to deter counter surfing, but she is a quick learner. Because she will do just about anything for a treat, Emma has already learned her name, and the sit, down, and come commands. With treats and positive reinforcement, there’s no limit to what she could learn in your loving care. 

If you're ready to embark on a journey of boundless love, hilarious antics, and unforgettable moments, Emma is ready to be the joyful heart that completes your family.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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