2 Years

41 lbs 
Fenced yard required
Fostered in Southern WI

Lion-maned Miley has all the courage she needs to conquer every challenge and win your love.
Miley and her sisters grew up in a hoarding situation in Kansas. Thankfully the local shelter liberated them from that miserable situation, but sadly they were so filthy and matted the shelter decided to shave them before turning them over to CRGI—giving Miley the look of a tiny skinny lion. That doesn’t bother this spunky girl, though. She conquers life’s challenges with spirit and joy! 
She is a double merle and that genetic condition means she is blind. But don’t feel sorry for her! Despite being blind, Miley sees beauty in every moment of freedom, and love in the heart of every person she meets. Her foster family says she is absolutely fearless like the little lion she resembles. She loves meeting new people, exploring, knows the commands “sit,” “down,” “off,” and her name, goes up and down steps like a champ, learned potty training easily, and she even does great with baths (now that’s brave!) This smart cookie enjoys learning new things, and she dreams of a forever family that would continue the training her foster family has begun.

Miley is a joyful playmate for her foster collie sister, and she would be so happy to have a fun loving dog sibling to play with in her forever home. She’s discovered toys and especially enjoys the ones with squeakers. She likes to be around her people, or at least know where they are. While her foster family is not at home, Miley stays in a room with a baby gate and behaves herself very well. She is a young girl and still working on manners—like jumping up—so she would do best around children who understand her needs. 
When you meet her, you will be charmed by the way Miley smiles when you talk to her, gives you kisses and love nibbles, and leaps and prances when she plays. When her coat grows back in, she puts on a few more pounds, and she finally fills out her floofy collie booty, Miley will be a stunning beauty—but even now this skinny little lion-maned collie is so sweet, happy, and adorable you will easily lose your heart to this one of a kind girl. 

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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