2 Years

65 lbs 

Fostered in SW Missouri (Springfield area)
Fenced yard required

Meet Blair! A sweet and happy two year old collie. Blair loves human attention and enjoys all the petting and scratches she can get. This girl would love nothing more than to be with you and have your undivided attention. You would be her world. Blair will put her cute little face on your lap, stare in your eyes and wait for petting. This girl is super affectionate.

Blair is a gentle and sensitive girl. She is bit unsure at first but quickly warms up and gets into a daily routine. Blair loves to have fun with toys and small balls. She can entertain herself, she will toss a ball, chase after it, but she also likes fetching it for you. She is also happy when running and playing with other dogs, though she can play bit rough at times. A younger canine playmate would be more up to her speed. But she would do well as the only one, too. Blair is an enthusiastic girl and has a tendency to jump up on people when happy or excited. For this reason, a family without small children would best as she can easily knock them down. 

Proper leash walking is going well, she knows sit and down. She’s not too excited about getting in a car and needs help but once in it she rides really well; she will jump out with ease when the trip is over. Blair is house trained and crate trained.

Being a collie, she will definitely let you know when she sees someone walking outside or if the squirrels are having too much fun in the trees. Fenced yard is necessary for this fun girl as she likes the game of chase. Chasing after wildlife, squirrels, ball or just goofing around with two resident collies. When she’s done with her activities, she would love to relax with you on the couch or her comfy dog bed by you.

Blair is a tricolor beauty with collie flair. She's an endearing sweet girl that is longing for a human to love her and be part of her world. Adopt Blair and make YOUR world a better place.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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