Adoption Pending

5 Months

36 lbs 

Fostered in Illinois
Fenced yard required

It's me, Dalton!  I told my foster mom that I wanted to talk to you, myself - I mean, it's MY forever family we are looking for, and shouldn't I get to help???

So, I'm five months old now, and am doing super great! I had that heart surgery for my PDA awhile ago, and every time the vets see me for my shots and stuff they say if they hadn't been told I had surgery, they'd never guess I'd had PDA - that's how strong my lil' ticker is!
Me, Dalton, I thought PDA stood for Public Display of Affection and that's what I'm here to tell you - I'm all about that 'affection' thing, and am ready to give you some!

Right now I live with a bunch of other collies in my foster home and they are mostly older and I get along with them all - boys and girls - but I think sometimes I get a little annoying because they say 'beat it, kid ' after awhile. I'd like to have someone a little younger to play with, or maybe no one if YOU want to play! There are cats here, too, and I am pretty interested in them, but when Foster Mom says "Those are MY kitties" in her Stern Voice, I know to stop. I wouldn't hurt them, anyway - they are almost as cute as I am!

So, I'm really good about going potty outside, and I can go up & down stairs and I LOVE to learn new tricks and go for walks and sleep in my crate, and I like older children and gee, don't you think you'd like me to come live at your house?

I have one more appointment to look at my heart, and I have to be neutered, but those are just little things - the biggest thing is finding YOU!  So go on! Just fill out that application and let's get this party started!

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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