1 Years

50 lbs

Fenced Yard Required
Fostered in SW Missouri (Springfield area)

Meet Trixie! 

This darling 1.5 year old girl is coming out of her shell and showing her true, sweet and endearing personality.  

It takes her some time to trust, but once Trixie gains your trust she will want to stay near you and enjoy the cuddling and petting you have to offer. Trixie recently discovered the comforts of a couch and loves lounging there when she’s done playing. Her foster mom even found her enjoying herself on a human bed. 

Trixie is a very sweet girl that needs a lot of confidence building activities and slow, continuous socialization. Guiding her through these stress reducing lessons will be made easier since Trixie is food motivated and will gladly sit for a yummy treat. Leash walking is going GREAT and she likes her daily walking routine; she however gets nervous when her routine is changed or when she is exposed to new sounds and new situations. 

At home, this silly girl will entertain herself with toys; she will even bring you a shoe or a slipper just in case you need one. Being young, she still likes to chew on Nylabones so she will need to be supervised or crated when not watched. Still a puppy at heart, she likes to run and play with other dogs and is learning proper play manners. She is too busy and overwhelming for an older dog but she would love a young and playful dog that can keep up with her playstyle. Another confident dog is what she needs to show her the ropes and help her relax.

What she needs the most is a patient family that will take things slowly and guide her through the adjustment period and the learning process. Because Trixie is easily startled, a fenced in yard is required. It will allow her to run around and play safely.

This lovely, deserving girl is looking for a calm, understanding forever home where she will be loved and cherished. She will in turn repay you in collie cuddles and nibbles! 

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