We desperately need your help!

We are spending more than ever on rescued Collies. We are seeing more neglected and senior Collies that require extra care and attention and take longer to adopt.

This all translates in to MORE costs to find forever homes for them. We have several dogs in permanent foster that continue to need financial support. Without your first time or continued contribution, we will NOT be able to sustain our efforts to rescue and care for these beautiful and loving animals.

Physical events and traditional fundraising have been yielding diminishing returns. We need your FINANCIAL contribution to continue our efforts.

Please consider a subscription donation so that we can spend more time and effort rescuing, transporting, and caring for our Collies.

One Time

Use PayPal Giving fund for a one time donation. PayPal covers all fees and provides a tax receipt. Great for LARGE Donations!

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Still prefer paper? You can mail us a check to:

Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois, PO Box 775, Burlington, IL 60109-0775

Thank You!!!

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