Adoption Pending

3 Years

65 lbs 
Fostered in SE Michigan
Fenced yard desirable

Minnie is a beautiful and loving 3-year-old Collie. Much of her life was spent outside and unfortunately, she contracted heartworm. But that is all behind her now.  She completed the difficult 4-month treatment and is now officially heartworm free!  As a result, she has blossomed into a more playful and happier dog.

Minnie is enthusiastic to meet new people and everyone who meets her is smitten.  She has a calm, gentle nature. Kids are automatically drawn to her, and she loves them. She also loves receiving ear and snoot rubs. Wherever her foster mom and Golden Retriever foster brother are is where she wants to be. Lying outside on the deck and in the yard is also enjoyed, especially in the cooler weather.

Minnie is generally friendly with other dogs.  She gets along very well with her foster brother and has begun to play with him now that her exercise restrictions have been lifted.  Some timid, more shy dogs may find Minnie intimidating.  She would do best either as an only dog or with an easy going and confident playmate.  She can be a little pushy sometimes wanting to go out the door first or get pets.  If play becomes too rough between her foster brother and other dogs, she can be the “fun police” and try to break it up.  Cats are somewhat unknown.  However, she met the resident cat at the vet several times and very gently sniffed him each time.  

Above all, Minnie loves her walks.  Her new family must be committed to giving her daily walks.  She is a dream on a leash and walking her is a complete pleasure.  Getting in and out of the car is no issue.  A few stairs are alright, but she seems scared of going up the 14 stairs to the top floor of the house. Her foster mom hasn’t forced the issue as she is happy downstairs. Minnie does tend to counter surf, so you will learn to keep your countertops clean!  This is primarily her way of letting you know she is ready to eat. Two different groomers have given her high marks for her manners.

Come and meet this sweet and beautiful girl who you will not be able to resist!

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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